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LEM Products, Inc. Celebrates MLK Day 2021 with Global Citizen 365

Since 1994, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has been celebrated with AmeriCorps as a national day of service. Every year on the third Monday in January, the federal government celebrates the holiday by halting postal service, trash collection, and various other government happenings. Some companies, businesses, and organizations follow suit with incentive programs to help their employees get involved in the efforts. This year, LEM Products, Inc. participated by making our contribution to Global Citizen 365’s free COVID-19 testing site at Girard College. 

About MLK Day of Service

Americorps has proudly dubbed MLK Day “a day on, not a day off” in an effort to increase participation in the national day of service. The expressed goal of the initiative is to strengthen and facilitate community building and improvement efforts. 

Though MLK Day National Day of Service is a federal holiday, The Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service is among the largest service projects in the nation. Partnered with Global Citizen 365, The Greater Philadelphia MLK Day project spurs initiatives in the Philadelphia area year-round. 

This year, the pandemic brings a unique opportunity to service our community. As Philadelphia deals with the long term consequences of global pandemic, varying states of lockdown, and the urgency to provide relief, Global Citizen 365 has seen it imperative to provide free testing to Philadelphians at Girard College. 

How LEM Products, Inc. Is Taking Part

Our contribution to this effort is freely supplying stickers and decals to the event. Working directly with the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, Global Citizen 365’s signature event is a massive leap forward toward the accessibility of COVID-19 testing in Philadelphia. 

Our labels are a direct nod to the Black doctors that make Philadelphia great, the devastating effect of Covid-19’s legacy, and the importance of moving forward with hope in mind. Global Citizen 365 provided us with images of Black doctors that have made history, as well as some of the organizations involved with this event. 

The decals featured the Black doctors and Black Americans who have contributed to medical advancements worldwide. To name a few of the notable individuals featured on labels, Dr. Ala Stanford is the founder of the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, and she was recently awarded the Harris Wofford Citizenship work for her ongoing contributions to Philadelphia’s struggle with the pandemic. 

Other individuals featured on the decals will include: 

  • Henrietta Lacks, the Black woman whose cells were taken without her permission and immortalized through their contribution to cancer research, the polio vaccine, and countless other advancements. 
  • Kizzmekia Corbett, a Black viral immunologist leading the charge in the creation of an accessible COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Marilyn Hughes Gaston, the first Black woman to direct the Bureau of Primary Healthcare and pioneer of Philadelphia Sickle Cell Anemia research.
  • James McCune Smith, the first Black pharmacist in the nation and passionate abolitionist, physician, and author. 

Let’s Work Together

LEM Products, Inc. hopes to continue to raise the industry standard of what it means to be a part of our community and continually ask ourselves, what can we do to contribute? For years now, we have made it our mission to explore the way we do business, including but not limited to our recent partnership with Tons of Turkeys and our ongoing commitment to sustainability

If you, your business, or your initiative is in need of high-quality, durable safety labels, decals, and more, contact us today so we can learn more about how we can help your business. 

LEM Products, Inc. Rings in the Holidays by Supporting a Local Charity

At LEM Products, Inc., we are committed to giving back to our local community. This year, with so many of our neighbors struggling in these challenging times, taking the opportunity to spread some holiday cheer is more important than ever. 

Thanksgiving Festivities in 2020

Typically, during the week of Thanksgiving, our team would normally hold a holiday luncheon. However, in order to continue to practice social distancing, we did something a little different this year. Instead, we held a silent auction that focused on holiday gifts. Not only did our staff get to bid on some toys and get a jump start on their holiday shopping, but all of the proceeds from the auction were donated to the local organization, Tons of Turkeys

Staff at LEM Products, Inc. participating in 2020 holiday charity event

Helping Families Celebrate an American Tradition

Tons of Turkeys, as suggested by their name, has a mission to donate turkeys to underprivileged families, so that they can enjoy a true holiday feast. The Warther family began this tradition of donating turkeys in 2009, when they brought 100 turkeys to Philadbundance, the largest hunger relief organization in the Delaware Valley. This year, their goal was to donate 4,000 turkeys to local charities in the Philadelphia and Chester County areas and feed just as many families. We hope that our contribution was able to help them accomplish their mission.

The turkey is the star of any Thanksgiving meal. More than just feeding families, it also represents a sense of normalcy in a year that has been anything but. 

The Spirit of Giving Continues

After our silent auction concluded, there were still some toys remaining. Our landlord, Nappen & Associates, decided that they wanted to contribute to our spirit of giving this holiday season, and they are running a collection drive for Toys for Tots. Our team sent the leftover toys to their drive so that they can help spread some cheer to the children in our community.

LEM Products, Inc. Supports Businesses in Unprecedented Times

This whirlwind of a year is just about to come to a close, and we are grateful that we are able to continue to support both our local community and businesses across the country. Whether you need custom safety labels or social distancing signage, LEM is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more.

The Importance of Quality Control Labels

Quality control, or QC, is integral to many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution. Having a QC process in place ensures that your final product will always meet or exceed the expectations of your customers. It also maximizes efficiency and reduces waste. For businesses that practice Six Sigma or Lean, having clearly defined quality control processes is essential.

For many companies, a part of their QC process involves using a label to clearly mark the status of something. LEM Products, Inc. manufactures QC labels that meet a range of different needs for your organization.

Common Uses for QC Labels

LEM has a variety of different quality control labels with preprinted legends, including: 

  • Product pass/fail: If products are found that do not meet quality standards, they can be quickly marked and dealt with appropriately.
  • Calibration/inspection completion: The easiest way to see when a machine was last calibrated or inspected is to have a label to quickly relay this information.
  • Shelf life: For certain perishable products, a label that clearly indicates the expiration date is a simple solution.
  • Service/maintenance completion: For machines and other devices that need regular service for safety and optimal functionality, a label conveying when the last service was completed and when the next one is due is essential to ensure that this is not missed.

Features of QC Labels Available Through LEM Products, Inc.

Many of our quality control labels have features that meet your needs, including:

  • Space for hand-writing information (dates, ID numbers, initials, etc.)
  • Oil, grease, and moisture resistant
  • Security seals made with tamper-evident frangible vinyl, which tears upon any attempt at removal
  • Wrap-around style labels available for tubes, handles, and poles
  • Self-laminating labels available to protect written information
  • Numerous sizes and quantities available

Find Standard QC Labels for Purchase from LEM Products, Inc.

You can purchase a variety of standard quality control labels from our website. If you require a custom QC label for your application, contact us today for more information.


LEM Products, Inc. Recognizes July as UV Safety Month

UV protected safety signage
Keep people safe & be OSHA compliant by ordering UV protected durable signage from LEM Products, Inc. (

July is the peak of summer, when many of us are outdoors enjoying the warm weather and soaking up plenty of sunshine. And getting some sun is good for you — it improves your body’s vitamin D production and may also help you feel happier and fight depression. While the sun provides many benefits, it is important to be mindful of its dangers, as well. Ultraviolet, or UV, radiation can be harmful for people, which is why we wear sunscreen. But the sun’s rays can have adverse effects on other things, as well.

At LEM Products, Inc., we also know the importance of UV protection in the printing process of industrial identification. In honor of July as UV Safety Month, we answer a few common questions about how the sun impacts safety signs, tags, and labels.

Why do colors fade after prolonged sun exposure?

All color absorbs wide spectrum light from the sun. That’s because the light from the sun is polychromatic, which means that it consists of both all visible wavelengths of light, as well as those colors that are not visible to the human eye. One of these types of light that is not visible is ultraviolet. These wavelengths of light are one of the leading causes of fading, as they can break down the chemical bonds in ink and begin to fade the color on a sign.

Why does red fade faster than other colors?

Red fades faster than other colors because it absorbs more UV light than other colors. Ultraviolet waves are short and high energy, while red wavelengths are on the other end of the spectrum and are longer, with less energy. Because red pigments are absorbing more of the destructive UV light, they will degrade more quickly.

How can you minimize fading from the sun for signs and labels?

We offer numerous options for signs that need to withstand harsh environments to help protect your signs and extend their lifespan. UV ink is denser than regular ink, and it produces sharper images that add durability and fade resistance to printed images. Over-laminating with UV laminate can also provide protection and decrease fading over time.

What are some applications for UV protection for signs and labels?

UV protection for labels, signage, and nameplates has numerous applications, including:

  • Signs and nameplates used on appliances
  • Industrial equipment
  • Outdoor safety identification
  • Other applications where a sign will be in direct sunlight

Signs That Are Made to Last

Contact LEM Products, Inc. today to learn more about safety signage products that can withstand years of UV light exposure for your specific application.

LEM Products, Inc. Is Proud to Be an SGIA 2020 Sustainable Business Recognition Award Recipient

We’re excited to announce that once again LEM Products, Inc. has been recognized with a Sustainable Business Recognition Award by SGIA in 2020. In order to be recognized, companies need to implement processes and procedures that aim to reduce our environmental footprint and make the workplace safer for employees. The award recipients were fittingly announced on April 22, 2020, which is Earth Day.

About the Program

SGIA created the Sustainable Business Recognition Award to highlight the efforts of its member companies to contribute to a sustainable future. The criteria for recognition are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which consist of 17 goals and defined by 169 targets. These expand upon the original Three Pillars of Sustainability, which are People, Planet, and Profit. For SGIA, the three goals that they encourage their member companies to focus on the most are:

  • 3 – Good Health and Well-Being
  • 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

You can learn more about the program and its criteria here:

How LEM Products, Inc. Is Working Toward a Sustainable Future

This year, our company was recognized for its efforts toward three of the SDGs. Here are a few highlights from our submission criteria:

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

  •  We have had 0 lost time accidents, and had 1199 accident-free workdays as of 12/31/19 
  • To improve ergonomic comfort for employees, we purchased standing desks and cushioned floor mats.
  • We offered free flu shots to all employees to help keep everyone healthy.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • We successfully completed and received ISO 9001:2015 stage 2 certification with DEKRA. This international certification body holds over 200 accreditations, including certification of quality management systems, health safety, and environment (HSE). This globally recognized certificate means that now we can provide even greater certainty and confidence to our customers without the need for them to perform their own individual audits to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • This past winter, our employees participated in “Cold Feet, Warm Socks,” which provides socks to people who are homeless in Philadelphia.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • Currently, our Internal Rejects as a percentage of revenue are at 0.1%. Additionally, Credits were reduced by 77% in 2019 compared to 2018, and rejects were reduced by 24%.
  • We purchase our raw materials from sustainable suppliers such as Flexcon, Avery Dennison and 3M. These companies utilize environmentally-friendly materials and water-based adhesives.
  • We are moving many of our production processes from analog to digital technologies. This reduces set-up times and set-up waste for quicker product turn-around, while also reducing down-times and increasing revenues.

Let’s Work Together

At LEM Products, Inc., we’re dedicated to solving your toughest challenges and providing you with high-quality, OSHA-compliant safety labels, facility safety signage, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your safety labeling needs.