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Manufacturing equipment is becoming more complex as technology advances. For this reason, OEM Safety Identification is crucial to ensuring customer safety. LEM Products, Inc. makes OEM labels, decals, markers, and nameplates using the highest quality materials to ensure these tags hold up in all conditions to which they are exposed.

Here are some ways LEM industrial identification labels are important to manufacturers.

Ensuring Safety Across a Wide Variety of Industries

OEM nameplates, labels, and decals relay essential information to users, such as the product’s serial number, technical specifications, and warnings. These labels enable products and equipment to be used safely in their related industries.

Without industrial identification labels, production will come to a complete halt and may even result in injury. Workers will not know all the necessary steps they need to take to safely and adequately use manufacturing equipment. Missing mandated warning labels will cause lines to shut down until new labels are secured. And pieces of equipment will be used out of order without clear markers.

LEM Products, Inc.’s OEM identification products offer clear and visible labeling for a wide variety of industries. These labels ensure worker and customer safety. We work closely with our clients, so labels use the correct terminology based on the industry.  OEM safety identification labels can help with everything from quality control and regulatory compliance to improving production efficiency and keeping users safe.

Offering Unique OEM Branding

We work closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers to ensure their specification and application needs are met. Because each application is so diverse, we design each label, nameplate, faceplate, and decal to fit the individual product’s size and shape. We also provide OEM branding so that the design matches each business’s unique intellectual property. Before printing all the labels, we make proofs and samples so the equipment manufacturer can make sure the product is a good fit.

Providing Durable Materials for Safety Identification

LEM labels and decals are designed to last. They are made with an adhesive and lamination that can withstand various temperatures and weather conditions for years to come. And they are manufactured using the highest quality materials from trusted suppliers.

LEM Products, Inc. uses engravable plastic, rigid plastic, vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate, and aluminum foil for OEM applications.

  • Engravable plastic is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and is resistant to high heat. 
  • Rigid plastic is available in multiple colors and is an economical option for hang tags, temporary signage, and inventory management. 
  • Vinyl is a great option for long-term outdoor use, safety labels, QC labels, and more.
  • Polyester is often chosen for applications with high temperatures because it is heat resistant, chemical resistant, and oil and solvent resistant.  
  • Polycarbonate is similar to polyester, but it also acts as a good electrical insulator.
  • Aluminum foil is debossable and resists high temperatures.

To help equipment manufacturers determine which material they should use for their industrial identification labels, LEM Products, Inc. created OEM label material spec sheets with detailed information.

Staying Safe with LEM Products, Inc.

OEM safety identification labels minimize risks and keep operations going. At LEM Products, Inc., we’re dedicated to helping Original Equipment Manufacturers meet regulation requirements, maintain safe environments, and ensure proper use of equipment with our industrial identification solutions made with long-lasting materials.

For more information about our OEM product materials and how we can help with your safety identification needs, contact our team today!