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At LEM Products, Inc., one of the core tenants of our business is providing easy-to-read and compliant safety signage, labels, and tags. The National Safety Council highlights Ladder Safety Month during March, which is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with our robust line of safety tags including, Ladder Inspection Tags, Scaffolding Tags, and other necessary safety signage formatted to ANSI and OSHA standards.  

At LEM Products, Inc., we understand the importance of keeping your workplace safe and hazard-free. 

Our safety tags are designed with durability and long-term visibility in mind. 

We offer a variety of safety label options with maximum durability, including:

  • Self-sealing polyester covers: Self-sealing polyester covers give you the option to personalize your safety tags with photos and other specific information. Self-sealing polyester covers are perfect for lock-out tag-out, compliance, accident prevention, and regulatory compliance. Self-sealing polyester covers are ideal for outdoor applications because they make safety tags weather-resistant, water-proof, and tamper-proof. 
  • Carbon Set Tags: Inspections are a crucial part of keeping your workplace hazard-free. Carbon set tags are necessary for keeping records of inspections, and they provide on-the-spot records of previous inspections. Carbon set tags come complete with carbon copies. Once the carbon copy is removed, the tag self-seals with a laminating polyester cover, and the information is permanent. 
  • Grommets: Plastic or metal grommets allow for secure attachment of up to 80 pounds of force. Grommets are designed to prevent and deter unauthorized removal of tags and provide the durability necessary for long-term use. 

Ladder inspection tags and scaffold tags are an essential facet of ladder safety. 

Our ladder inspection tags are part of our suite of accident prevention tags. 

Key features of our ladder inspection tags include: 

  • They have the ability to withstand moisture, dirt, and grease, which makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • They can be written on with a variety of writing implements including pencil, ballpoint pen, and permanent marker. 
  • All of our safety labels came with pre-printed legends on both sides of the label. This allows for easy identification and communication without misunderstanding. 

Our safety tags come with a durability rating of about five years. They meet all applicable safety codes for OSHA accident prevention and the ANSI standards for color and design. 

Scaffold tags function in a similar way to ladder inspection tags with the addition of accident prevention language. They warn of the status of erected scaffolding: whether it is in the process of being erected or dismantled, and if it complies with building codes. It also advises workers whether or not the scaffold is safe to climb. Like ladder inspection tags, LEM”s scaffold tags are self-laminating, weather-proof, moisture resistant, and tamper-proof. 

Make Ladder Safety a Priority This March and Year-Round

For more information about ladder safety and LEM’s commitment to OSHA and ANSI standards of workplace safety, reach out to our team or shop our catalog today!