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Product Kits

Label kitting is an easy idea that saves time and hassle and is a best practice for LEAN manufacturing. All the labels that must be adhered to a piece of equipment or machinery are printed on a single sheet or assembled in a kit that is so easy to use that training workers takes minutes.

The lack of a single label can bring an entire assembly line to a halt!. If that label is a mandated safety warning and it’s out of stock, production must stop until a fresh supply arrives. Manufacturers who use a label kitting system don’t have this problem because the required labels are arranged on a sheet in the order they are to be applied or assembled in a kit. As the label kits travel down the assembly line the labels are applied in order eliminating any confusion about the order of application. When the item is completely assembled, the label kitting sheet or kit will be empty.

Benefits of Product Kitting

Saves Time

Less Hassle

LEAN Manufacturing Best Practice

Label Kitting

Manufacturers no longer need a worker at the end of the line to tally the number of labels on each piece to verify that none are missing. Companies can breathe easy knowing that all of the required labels have been applied and mandated safety & warning labels are affixed.

If your business is not yet using label kitting, now is a good time to consider incorporating it into your assembly line. Label kitting can boost efficiency, trim costs and minimize the potential for liability claims.

Our customer service and sales support team will work with you to determine the best kitting option to make your assembly line operation even better.