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Custom Reflective Utility Signs

If you need custom reflective signage for your business, LEM Products, Inc. has various options for you. Our staff can help you choose the correct signage for your specific application.

LEM reflective signs and markers can be used on safety or warning devices, in hazardous or emergency areas, on outdoor advertising signs and emblems, electrical-generating equipment, or any other area where high visibility is required. The reflective markers are essential in assisting fire, rescue and emergency personnel in identifying emergency locations in nighttime situations or in low visibility areas. LEM can work with you to create a custom reflective sign that meets your needs.

A reflective warning sign.
Different Grades of Reflective Materials


Our signs are manufactured to last. Using only durable and high-quality materials, LEM custom signs are made from aluminum, plastic, pressure-sensitive vinyl, and embedded fiberglass.

Retroreflective sheeting materials encapsulate tiny glass beads, prisms and lenses to direct the light back in the general direction of the source but with a slight variance to allow the viewer to see the reflective signage clearly. The retroreflective products allow viewers to see the sign or label from greater distances because of the intensity of the reflected light.

There are three different types of reflective materials. Reflective signs come with a minimum outdoor lifespan of 10 years:

  • Engineer Grade is the most common reflective material type.
  • High Intensity is used for situations that require additional visibility. This material is excellent for signs that may need to be seen from an angle. These signs come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Diamond Grade is the most dynamic reflective material type. Reflectivity is twice as strong as High Intensity reflective. Visibility is equally as strong during the day and nighttime.

The Need for Custom Reflective Utility Signs

Our custom utility signs are available in a plethora of standard sizes to meet the stringent compliance standards for OSHA and ANSI regulations. These signs serve to warn both workers and others of the potential hazard created by the presence of a utility line. 811 Call Before You Dig signage promotes safe digging and avoidance of potential injury and destruction from encountering unknown underground utility lines. For more information about our custom reflective signage, safety labels, and other custom offerings, give us a call today!

A warning sign about buried utility lines.