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Pole Tag Holders

There are millions of utility poles across the United States, and each one is marked to identify the companies that have utility lines associated with that pole. The poles themselves each have a unique identifier. A pole tag holder can be used to hold aluminum or polyethylene pole tags with the letters and numbers making up these identification codes which denote geographic location, route or circuit number, utility pole ID number, state, township, serial number and more.

Specifications for Pole Tag Holders

Utility pole tag holders come in a variety of sizes. To accommodate various applications.  Aluminum pole tag holders can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical configurations. They can hold anywhere from one to ten alphanumeric pole tags.

The pole tag holders manufactured by LEM Products, Inc. can be applied using either nails or adhesive. They are constructed of durable and flexible 0.025” aluminum.  Aluminum holders come in several sizes to accommodate pole tags with 1”, 2”, 3” or 6” high characters.  Polyethylene holders are also available for 1” pole tags only.

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What Types of Utilities Can Be Marked on a Pole Tag Holder?

While many people refer to utility poles simply as “telephone poles,” the multiple wires carry various utilities and services to residents and businesses. Some of the utilities that might be marked on a utility pole include:

  • Overhead Power Distribution wires
  • Telecommunications wires
  • Fiber optic wires

Each pole being used by a utility company needs to be properly identified by marking the pole. Pole tag holders provide a tamper-proof system that will hold up to harsh environments to permanently display this important information.

Find All of Your Utility Marking Needs at LEM Products, Inc.

From utility pole tag holders to pole markers and custom reflective utility signs, LEM Products, Inc. has both stock and custom products that your utility company requires for identifying poles and equipment and marking potential hazards for both utility workers and others who may come into contact with them. To learn more about our products or to request a quote, contact us today!