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Reflective Utility Equipment Labels

Customize your reflective utility equipment labels to your specific needs and be OSHA / ANSI compliant at the same time. Utility fleet vehicles, bucket trucks and cranes all have the need for safety and operational labeling. Heavy duty stickers for equipment can be designed to conform to the various contours of equipment and utility vehicles. Reflectivity is crucial for nighttime emergency situations.

What are some of the reflective truck and vehicle identification signs and labels?

Reflective safety labels and operational labels can cover almost all surfaces of a utility equipment vehicle. Instructional information is needed for booms and capstan winches. Identification labels are needed for tool storage compartments, first aid kits and fire extinguisher cabinets. Safety information as well as electrical safety symbols and meanings are just as important on equipment decals. Customized sizes and shapes are easily designed, printed and cut to the specific measurements of the vehicle surfaces. Label design follows the ANSI / OSHA graphic standards so that the required elements such as the degree of the hazard, the nature of the hazard, how to avoid the hazard and the consequences of the hazard, with pictograms, are all legibly presented.
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Corporate logos provide brand awareness and mark ownership of equipment. When printed on reflective materials, these logos will be easily seen in nighttime situations. Corporate identity graphics can be printed with translucent inks to allow the logo itself to appear reflective.

Reflective utility equipment labels accept bar-coding and QR codes for equipment identification

Bar-coded reflective labels are used on computers and IT equipment. They are great for asset management and asset transfers. The reflective materials are tamer-proof which is useful for theft protection. Bar-coded reflective labels are particularly useful in field applications for documenting routine maintenance of equipment.

Retroreflective numbers and letters are not only for utility pole identification but are also used vinyl numbers on trucks and other utility vehicles. PPE such as hard hats and helmets are suitable applications for reflective numbers.

Reflective Utility Equipment Operation Labels

Utility equipment operation decals can be sized to fit the contoured shapes of utility vehicles and equipment. These labels can be printed on either engineer grade reflective or high intensity reflective material for ultimate nighttime visibility.

Can logos be reflective like the engineer grade reflective material?

Printed graphics for reflective utility equipment labels can also b reflective. We can use translucent inks to allow the light to be reflected through the color as shown in this example of the Common Ground Alliance’s 811 Call Before You Dig graphic.

Can reflective labels have bar-codes or QR codes?

Bar-codes and QR-codes can be printed on engineer grade reflective material and maintain their readability. Codes can be accompanied by sequential numbering.

High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Utility Decals

For the highest level of luminosity in nighttime applications, use high intensity prismatic material for equipment decals.

Reflective Corporate Identity Graphics

Corporate logos for brand awareness and ownership are made on reflective engineer grade or prismatic grade material for nighttime visibility. Decals are laminated for UV and moisture resistance.