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What do Hazardous Materials Tags say?

Hazardous waste comes in many forms and is created in different ways. Some are source-specific wastes which are generated by specific industries while others are non source specific and are created as a product of an industrial process. There are also wastes that are from unused or spilled chemicals. All of these pose toxic threats to humans and the environment and therefore must be identified and handled properly for disposal. The EPA and other regulatory agencies have created classifications for these various types of waste. Hazardous Materials Tags denote these classifications and associated precautions for handling and what PPE is required per classification. NFPA tags display the NFPA Diamond Diagram which uses four colors: Red, Blue, White and Yellow to indicate health hazards, flammability, reactivity, and special hazards.

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Features and Benefits:

Hazardous waste tags provide a prominent way to maintain compliance and safety by identifying containers, cylinders and drums that hold hazardous waste and chemicals.

LEM manufactures Regulatory tags and Right-to-Know accident prevention tags which are made of rigid vinyl with metal tear-proof eyelets and clear self-sealing UV resistant covers to protect your data from the elements, corrosion by harmful chemicals and vandalism. LEM’s Hazmat Tags accept pencil, ball-point pen and permanent marker. All meet OSHA requirements for accident prevention.

Material Options:

Our tags can be made in different styles for different applications:

Metal Eyelet (LTS) – LTS Tags are rigid 0.010” plastic hanging tags with self-laminating clear polyester covers and either rounded or square corners. The tag comes standard with a 0.25” metal eyelet.

Adhesive Backed (LTA) – Adhesive backed tags are made of a 4 mil pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl with a front self-laminating clear polyester cover and rounded corners. Temperature range of -50 F to 175 F. These tags are moisture resistant, and have excellent adhesion when applied to clean dry surfaces.