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Inspection & Material Control Tags

Inspection & Material control tags are essential to maintain a written record of when equipment and materials have last been inspected. This ensures that these items are always in a safe, usable condition. There are a multitude of uses for inspection and material control tags, and LEM Products, Inc. offers a number of pre-printed legends for this purpose.

How are Inspection and Material Control tags used?

Inspection and Material Control tags are used to mark critical  production information as well as equipment function and maintenance from quality approval and ready for service to defective and do not use.  Tags are pre-printed with write-on areas for customized or on-the-spot information.  These tags made of rigid vinyl with a 0.25″ metal eyelet. LEM production status tags withstand moisture, dirt, and grease and can be written on with pencil, pen or permanent marker.

These tags are OSHA compliant and meet the most current ANSI Z535 specifications for color and design.

Tags are 6.0” x 3.25” with rounded corners.  All backs are blank.

Tags are sold in packages of 25.

What do Inspection Tags say?

Pre-printed Legends include:

  • Work Order
  • Ready for Service
  • Hold
  • Defective Do Not Use
  • Out o Service
  • Equipment Out of Service
  • Scrap
  • OK to Use
  • QA Approved
  • Repair
  • Repaired
  • Reject
  • Rejected
  • Special Instructions
  • Calibration
  • Re-Work
  • Due for Maintenance
  • Our of Stock
  • Approved for Shipment
  • Tested
  • Accept
  • Repair Required

If you are looking to purchase inspection and material control tags, view our catalog of available tags or reach out to us today to request additional information.