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Weather-Resistant & Waterproof Warning Labels

Warning labels inform users regarding restrictions on using certain items and communicate pertinent hazards they should be aware of. Not only are they essential for worker safety and compliance with EHS safety regulations, but they protect manufacturers and other responsible parties from potential liability issues. Given it holds such importance, a label’s visibility and adhesive properties should never be compromised due to moisture and outdoor elements — and with durable weather-resistant and waterproof warning labels, they never will.


Warning Labels for Extreme Weather

From high-temperature atmospheres to outdoor environments exposed to all sorts of precipitation, our lineup of UV-resistant warning labels is designed to stand up to the harshest of weather conditions, being able to withstand extreme temperature ranges from -50°F to 250°F. By ensuring label durability and adhesiveness, your industrial equipment will be ever-compliant and helpful to those working with it. In safety and operational instruction capacities, weather-proof labels are critical for use on utility company bucket-trucks and emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances.

What Materials Are Weather-Resistant Labels Made From?

Polypropylene and polyester film materials and UV-resistant inks are utilized in weather-resistant labels. Specialty adhesives also help the label to cling to applicable surfaces. Our collaborative relationships with 3M, Avery, and Flexcon guarantee the optimal adhesive for even the most demanding heavy-duty sticker applications. Special formulations ensure adherence to a wide variety of surface materials and textures, including corrugated, oily, slick, and painted. We offer a wide range of eye-catching labels with UV-inhibiting over-laminate and clear-coat finishes that can be customized to your specifications.

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For more information about durable weather-resistant and waterproof warning labels or any of our related products, including transformer labels and OSHA and ANSI-compliant labels, reach out to LEM Products, Inc. today!