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Quality control, or QC, is integral to many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution. Having a QC process in place ensures that your final product will always meet or exceed the expectations of your customers. It also maximizes efficiency and reduces waste. For businesses that practice Six Sigma or Lean, having clearly defined quality control processes is essential. For many companies, a part of their QC process involves using quality control labels to clearly mark the status of something. LEM Products, Inc. manufactures quality control labels that meet a range of different needs for your organization.

Common Uses for Quality Control Labels

LEM has a variety of different quality control labels with preprinted legends, including: 

  • Product pass/fail: If products are found that do not meet quality standards, they can be quickly marked and dealt with appropriately.
  • Calibration/inspection completion: The easiest way to see when a machine was last calibrated or inspected is to have a label to quickly relay this information.
  • Shelf life: For certain perishable products, a label that clearly indicates the expiration date is a simple solution.
  • Service/maintenance completion: For machines and other devices that need regular service for safety and optimal functionality, a label conveying when the last service was completed and when the next one is due is essential to ensure that this is not missed.

Features of QC Labels Available Through LEM Products, Inc.

Many of our labels have features that meet your needs, including:

  • Space for hand-writing information (dates, ID numbers, initials, etc.)
  • Oil, grease, and moisture resistant
  • Security seals made with tamper-evident frangible vinyl, which tears upon any attempt at removal
  • Wrap-around style labels available for tubes, handles, and poles
  • Self-laminating labels available to protect written information
  • Numerous sizes and quantities available

Find Standard QC Labels for Purchase from LEM Products, Inc.

You can purchase a variety of standard quality control labels from our website. If you require a custom QC label for your application, contact us today for more information.