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LEM Products, Inc. is a global provider of custom and stock identification products of all types. These find use in a broad range of industries, including: utility, electrical, telecommunication, construction, OEM, HVAC, marine, aerospace, facility maintenance, food processing, plant maintenance, safety and transportation, and others.

At the heart of our product line is the need for businesses of all types to classify potential hazards, communicate information concerning those hazards, and take appropriate measures to prevent serious harm or injury.

Safety Identification Applications Include:

Asset Marking

Critical Warning & Safety

Harsh Environment

Product Labels & OEM

Safety & Compliance


Creating a safe workplace requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Facility signage—hazard identification, safety equipment marking, emergency exit route marking, and more—extends well beyond the obvious to include all possible aspects of employee and visitor safety, inspection/calibration labeling, equipment usage markers, and even inventory management. It even encompasses aisle, bin, and floor markers. Indoors, outdoors, wherever your workplace extends, LEM is there to help you avoid injuries and potential fines.