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Electrical Wire Identification Markers

LEM electrical markers are essential for marking wire and cable. They are used to identify wires and wire marking components for wire and cable installation, repair and safety.

Arc Flash Labels

Wire Markers

Cable Markers

Voltage Markers

ANSI & NEC compliance

Private Branding

Arc Flash labels are placed on electrical panels and switchboards to warn about hazards when working on energized electrical equipment.

  • Pressure sensitive vinyl with aggressive acrylic adhesive
  • Meets the most current ANSI standards for safety labeling
  • Compliant with NEC standard 110.06 Flash Protection

Industry standard wire markers and cable markers, as manufactured by LEM Products, Inc., are made of durable vinyl impregnated cloth with an aggressive adhesive that firmly wraps around the wire or cable providing clear and durable identification.

  • Available as wire marker cards or bound in wire marker books
  • Made of vinyl-impregnated cloth with a permanent adhesive
  • Wire markers identify the wire but do not denote voltage
  • Each wire marker book contains 450 wire markers and 450 matching terminal strips
  • Legends include solid and sequential numbers, letters, symbols and the solid NEMA colors
  • Printed with permanent black ink
  • Markers will not slip or slide.

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Self-Laminating Wire Markers

Self-laminating vinyl wire markers provide permanent protection to the information once the clear portion of the marker is wrapped around the information printed on the white tab portion of the marker. These self-laminating markers are useful when small quantities of special legends are required. The bright white portion of the marker will accept permanent marker, pen or rubber stamp.


The LEM Custom Private Brand Wire Marker Book program offers you the opportunity to market YOUR Company Brand on your custom wire marker book covers and can provide cross selling information on the inside of the wire marker book cover.

Voltage markers alert technicians and employees to potential workplace electrical hazards. They are used to identify voltages on conduit, power and distribution panels, electrical components and machinery, and control panels and raceways.

  • Compliant with ASME (ANSI) standard ZG3.22
  • Bright orange background with high contrast Black legend
  • Resistant to oil, grease and water
  • Aggressive adhesive
  • Flexible vinyl material for conformable industrial applications
  • Available in three sizes: 2.25 x 9”, 1.125 x 4.5”, 0.5 x 2.25”

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Conduit Markers

Used for conduit and cable identification and electrical systems, preformed Snap-Wrap conduit markers are designed to quickly snap around cable or conduit up to 3.25” in diameter, without the use of mechanical fasteners. All markers are black characters on orange rigid pre-curled PVC material with memory.