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OEM / Branding Labels & Decals

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) labeling is a practice used in manufacturing industries. Its primary use is to identify and label equipment that requires specific steps for operation, safety, and maintenance. These labels are so crucial that if just a single label is missing, the entire assembly line is brought to a halt! If that missing label happens to be a mandated safety warning, production cannot continue until a new supply of labels arrives. OEM branding labels and decals are highly important for workplace safety and efficiency. For example, if a heavy piece of equipment is not properly identified with the right branding label, then the item is far more likely to be improperly used, potentially causing injury to one or more workers.

Benefits of OEM Labels and Decals

OEM labels and decals offer numerous benefits for the companies that use them. Working with the label maker to develop each decal lets businesses fully customize the content to their exact specifications. With OEM branding, it is very easy to design and produce a label that matches your company’s own unique intellectual property and displays the exact information that you provide about the product. LEM labels and decals are made to last, with high-quality adhesive that can be securely applied in a range of temperatures and weather conditions, and durable heavy duty over-lamination that will be clearly legible for years. By keeping important information on clear display, durable OEM decals can help keep any business’ employees safe by preventing workplace accidents. 

All of our OEM branding labels and tags are designed to help maximize production efficiency and prevent harmful accidents in the workplace. LEM has experience serving professionals in the most high risk industries. Our OEM label customers demand the utmost accuracy and consistency from our labeling products. Our range of label products include pressure-sensitive numbers and letters, all-weather decals, and plastic and metal nameplates and faceplates for control panels. 

OEM Branding in Different Industries

OEM branding manufacturers frequently work in collaboration with their clients in different industries to ensure that the labels and decals always display accurate information in the correct terminology for that industry. OEM labels and decals are used by professionals in a range of industries that can often have widely varying needs. The automotive industry, for example, utilizes unique yet durable metal nameplates for branding the outsides of their vehicles. Businesses in other manufacturing areas, like household appliance makers, need durable labels that can clearly display the unique safety and operating instructions that come with each product. 

It’s not just cars and washing machines, however. Products bound for OEM applications are used by manufacturers of all manner of equipment; ladders, ships, wind turbines, military tanks and manufacturers of electrical transformers are just a few of the places in which you will find LEM industrial identification products at work. LEM works closely with our OEM clients to manufacture OEM branding decals and labels to precise tolerances as set forth by the client so that the label or decal will fit the part exactly as designed. 

To learn more about how LEM Products, Inc. can meet your needs for OEM branding decals, contact us today.