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Deficiency Tags

LEM Deficiency Tags are used for many applications including inspection, quality control, inventory, safety and compliance.  A clear self-sealing cover protects your customized information from the weather and vandalism.  Tags can be written upon with ball point pen, pencil and permanent marker.  The removable carbon set provides you with a copy of your field information to keep in your files.

Deficiency Tags measure 3-1/4” wide by 6-3/4” high and are sequentially numbered, weather proof, and tamper resistant.  These tags are standardly made with a 1/4” brass eyelet at the top and a carbon set inlay (LTC style).  The base material is  a rigid PVC material with a self sealing polyester cover to make these tags long term outdoor durable and tamper proof.

LEM Deficiency Tags are available in four colors and sold in packages of 100 (packages of 500 for larger volume orders).  They are also available with 12 inch wires attached (add suffix “ -SS” to the end of the part number.)  Deficiency Tags are available in both serialized (series 1001) and non-serialized (series 2001) formats.  For serialized tags, refer to the Serialization Chart at right to specify your desired numbering sequence.