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Engraved Plastic Pole Tags

The overhead distribution of electrical power occurs through wires carried by utility poles and towers. Power is carried in different electrical phases requiring multiple circuits.

The poles vary in structure from simple wooden poles to metal lattice towers. All requiring regular inspections and maintenance. A multitude of outdoor durable safety and identification tags and signs are mounted to utility poles to warn and inform service crews of structural conditions, voltages, circuit identification, pole identification and geographic location, previous inspection and service dates and warnings to unauthorized persons about dangers of high voltage and restricted access.

Our engraved plastic pole tags make for an excellent way to mark poles so they can be easily identified.

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Construction and Dimensions

LEM Products, Inc.’s engraved plastic utility pole tags are constructed of high-density, UV-resistant polyethylene and are available in four sizes with black characters on a yellow background.

1″ character height Poly Tags can be mounted in either of two holder styles:

0.025” aluminum holders can be applied to any surface with nails or double stick adhesive.

UV resistant black polyethylene holders can be applied with either nails or cable ties.

2”, 3″ and 6″ character height Poly Tags are made of UV-resistant polyethylene material and are available as engraved black characters on a yellow background.

0.025” aluminum holders can be applied to any surface with nails or double stick adhesive.

Poly tags for 3″ and 6″ character heights come with 0.125″ diameter holes in each corner for an individual mounting option but they can also be mounted in aluminum holders, vertically and horizontally.

Sequentially Engraved Pole Tags

Features Include:

  • Withstands harsh conditions and extreme temperatures.
  • Permanent engraved characters make tags tamper-proof.
  • Flexible material adapts to curvature of pole.
  • Customize legends with prefixes or barcodes.
  • Various sizes available; most common is 1” text.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Vertical or horizontal orientations available.
  • No holder required. Attach with nails.
  • No need to inventory individual tags.
  • Saves time and labor.
  • Black on Yellow.


For outdoor use to mark utility poles.


0.055” co-extruded high-density polyethylene with engraved characters.


20 Years.

Shop Now For Sequentially Engraved Pole Tags

Each tag has an estimated lifespan of 25 years in adverse environmental conditions. High-quality engraving inhibits tampering and clearly identifies a marked pole. Polyethylene is non-corrosive, UV, moisture and impact-resistant and flexible, allowing the curvature of the material for mounting.

LEM Products Inc.’s engraved plastic pole tags are a durable solution to clearly marking and cataloging utility pole locations.

LEM Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer of engraved plastic pole tags. We also supply pole tag holders and aluminum pole tags. We strive to provide a customer-driven approach to our business, fulfilling your company’s needs with cost-effective, innovative products for hazard awareness and safety. For more information about our complete line of safety products, contact LEM Products, Inc. today.