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Reflective Engineer Grade Transformer Labels

Proper Identification and warning on all electrical transformers is critical for the safety of children, adults and utility company technicians. Reflective transformer labels can be printed as a custom order on White Engineer Grade reflective material for low-light and nighttime visibility. The reflective material is tamper-resistant and will tear upon any attempt to remove the label.

Retroreflective labels are the ideal product for use where high visibility is required in darkened areas or at night. All reflective transformer labels have optical lens elements enclosed within a transparent resin that has a smooth outer surface. The reflective material is intended to have a similar appearance when viewed in the daylight or by retroreflected light at night.

LEM reflective transformer labels and related markers assist utility crews as well as fire and emergency rescue personnel to identify equipment in low visibility areas or in nighttime situations. In addition to transformer labels, LEM Products, Inc. also manufactures reflective KVA markers for the exterior of the electrical transformers to clearly display the KVA ratings of the unit.

Danger and Warning High Voltage Reflective Transformer Labels

These pressure sensitive transformer labels warn people to keep away from pad mounted transformers. Markers are available in English or a combination of English and Spanish. A red “DANGER” marker goes inside the enclosure. An orange “WARNING” marker goes outside the enclosure. The warnings are combined with the “Mr. Ouch” symbol or the Shock-in-the-box symbol.

Shrubbery Management Reflective Transformer Labels

Utility technicians need to access pad-mounted transformers for routine maintenance and repairs. For access and safety reasons, specific clearances are required around the transformers. Shrubbery, fences, rocks and any obstructions must not be within prescribed distances of the units. This information is displayed on shrubbery management transformer labels. These labels display a diagram showing the transformer and the clear distances required around it.

Key Features

  • Available in English or English and Spanish
  • Weather-proof
  • Fade-resistant
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Applicable Codes: Complies with NEMA standard and the Underwriters Laboratory performance standard number 969. ANSI Z535 compliant design.
  • Material: Engineer grade reflective vinyl with UV laminate.
  • Durability: 7 years