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Color Coding: What Color Does OSHA Recommend for Warning Labels?

Employers are required to warn employees, contractors, and visitors about potential hazards throughout the workplace. One of the most efficient ways to do this is with color-coded warning labels.

Exploring LEM Products, Inc.’s Role in OEM Safety Identification

Manufacturing equipment is becoming more complex as technology advances. For this reason, industrial identification labels for OEMs are crucial to ensuring customer safety. LEM Products, Inc. makes OEM labels, decals, markers, and nameplates using the highest quality materials to ensure these tags hold up in all conditions to which they are exposed.

May Is Electrical Safety Month: Do You Know About These Safety Labels?

Electricity powers our lives. Without it, many of us couldn’t enjoy our morning coffee, fulfill our work responsibilities, place an order at the convenience store, or enjoy many of the other facets of the everyday. Without electricity, many industries would be crippled back to the eras of the Dark Ages. However, electricity is a powerful elemental force. Its use requires essential safety considerations to be made at home, on the road, and in the workplace.

March Is Ladder Safety Month

At LEM Products, Inc., one of the core tenants of our business is providing easy-to-read and compliant safety signage, labels, and tags. The National Safety Council highlights Ladder Safety Month during March, which is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with our robust line of safety tags including, Ladder Inspection Tags, Scaffolding Tags, and other necessary safety signage formatted to ANSI and OSHA standards.  

LEM Products, Inc. is an Authorized Label Supplier - 100% Made in America

For regulatory compliance, you need an industrial label convertor you can count on. LEM products Inc. is a proven partner with over 50 years of printing, imaging, and converting experience. We provide UL labeling and other regulatory labels that comply with warning label standards.

LEM Products, Inc. Celebrates MLK Day 2021 with Global Citizen 365

Since 1994, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has been celebrated with AmeriCorps as a national day of service. Every year on the third Monday in January, the federal government celebrates the holiday by halting postal service, trash collection, and various other government happenings. Some companies, businesses, and organizations follow suit with incentive programs to help their employees get involved in the efforts. This year, LEM Products, Inc. participated by making our contribution to Global Citizen 365’s free COVID-19 testing site at Girard College. 

LEM Products, Inc. Rings in the Holidays by Supporting a Local Charity

At LEM Products, Inc., we are committed to giving back to our local community. This year, with so many of our neighbors struggling in these challenging times, taking the opportunity to spread some holiday cheer is more important than ever.

The Importance of Quality Control Labels

Quality control, or QC, is integral to many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution. Having a QC process in place ensures that your final product will always meet or exceed the expectations of your customers. It also maximizes efficiency and reduces waste. For businesses that practice Six Sigma or Lean, having clearly defined quality control processes is essential.

LEM Products, Inc. Recognizes July as UV Safety Month

July is the peak of summer, when many of us are outdoors enjoying the warm weather and soaking up plenty of sunshine. And getting some sun is good for you — it improves your body’s vitamin D production and may also help you feel happier and fight depression. While the sun provides many benefits, it is important to be mindful of its dangers, as well. Ultraviolet, or UV, radiation can be harmful for people, which is why we wear sunscreen. But the sun’s rays can have adverse effects on other things, as well.

LEM Products, Inc. Is Proud to Be an SGIA 2020 Sustainable Business Recognition Award Recipient

We’re excited to announce that once again LEM Products, Inc. has been recognized with a Sustainable Business Recognition Award by SGIA in 2020. In order to be recognized, companies need to implement processes and procedures that aim to reduce our environmental footprint and make the workplace safer for employees. The award recipients were fittingly announced on April 22, 2020, which is Earth Day.