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Water distribution systems provide a vital service for people across the country. They work to deliver clean water to homes and businesses as efficiently as possible without any disruptions in their network. A significant component of this is protecting the primary source of their supply. From wells, deep groundwater, aquifers, springs, rivers, and more, taking the necessary precautions to protect these sources from potential contamination remains vital. 

Facility managers looking to take necessary steps to protect these water sources must have the proper warning signs and labels in place to protect the water and deter potential trespassers. Here are some practical ways to protect water sources with the appropriate high-quality safety compliance signs

Designate Property Boundaries

Most water sources exist in remote areas of land where they can flow freely, replenish naturally, and escape city life’s congestion. In addition, the surrounding areas may be more wooded, rural, and less readily identifiable as a processing facility to people that may have gone on a nature hike — or have more nefarious reasons for being there. That’s why taking the time to properly label your property will help deter any potential passerby from pressing forward. As people move deeper into the facility, the temptation to steal or deface the property may increase. Fortunately, choosing the right signage can help cut back on instances of theft and vandalism. 

These water distribution facilities can be found in urban areas as well. As they blend in with the surrounding buildings, clearly defining the property lines and boundaries with Private Property and No Trespassing signs can help deter passersby and potential vandals from venturing too far into your facility. With appropriate signage designating these protected areas in accordance with surveillance equipment, your water distribution facility can help cut down on potential theft and vandalism. 

a group of four danger signs: keep off of dam, no trespassing, video surveillance and deep water

Highlight Potential Dangerous Areas

It’s not just potential passersby that need your water distribution facility to be appropriately marked — it also benefits your employees. For facilities such as dams, multiple tripping, and falling hazards are littered throughout the facility. One wrong move can lead to disastrous consequences. Designating areas with potential and unexpected dangers with water safety signs can help ensure your facility stays safe and compliant. 

Mark Off Deep Water Areas

Different parts of your facility may have places where the water collects and stays at a relatively set level. However, sometimes, these levels can change at a moment’s notice. If the area can go from comfortably walking in knee-high water to significantly higher levels, you need to let your employees and any visitors know of the danger with the proper signage. 

Additionally, if you’re dealing with a reservoir in the woods, the potential for people to use it as a swimming spot can increase during specific times of the year. Parts of these reservoirs can get extremely deep and have the water temperature drop to dangerously cold levels the further down you get. If you haven’t been trained or have the right equipment, these bodies of water can prove quite dangerous. Erecting signs informing people of the danger posed by the seemingly bottomless and cold water can help protect visitors and the water supply from danger. 

Better Protect Your Water Systems With LEM Products

When you need a new system to protect drinking water sources, finding the right safety signs for your facility, dam, or reservoir is vital. LEM Products offers our customers a wide range of signage that can help highlight sensitive, dangerous, or otherwise private areas where you don’t want unauthorized personnel walking through. Our inventory includes stock and customized perimeter security signs, danger signs, video surveillance signs, dam signs, and more. These signs help address the dangers, warnings, and potential fines for trespassing in water treatment facilities. Our durable material options provide resistance to moisture, extreme weather, temperature, and UV rays to meet your needs.

Please browse through our inventory of products and signage and place your order for customized signs today!