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Inventory Identification Tags

Blank, Self-laminating Tags

LEM blank self-laminating tags can be used to permanently display any personalized information, photos, barcodes and more. These are available in various colors, sizes and materials. These tags put an end to temporary tagging. Made of rigid plastic to provide durability and stability, they are economical to use and save both time and labor. There is no need to re-tag due to fading or information tampering.

Blank self-laminating tags provide one of the most durable and versatile means of identification for a multitude of applications. The tags are available in a variety of colors and stripes so as a blank tag with no added information, it creates a color coding system for marking.

The clear polyester self-laminating cover makes the tag weather and moisture resistant for durable outdoor usage in varying applications from stockyards to substations to construction sites to cargo ships. Slip in a bar code or QR / Quick Response code and staff and managers can have instant specifications of boxed products at their fingertips with the use of a scanner or smart-phone, creating a paperless management system.

LEM manufactures 4 series of blank, self-laminating tags

Series 100, 200 & 300 are made of rigid 0.010” thick plastic with rounded corners and clear self-laminating polyester covers. These tags come standardly with a 0.25” diameter metal eyelet. Series 100 measure 1.75” x 3.25”, Series 200 measures 2.25” x 4.25” and Series 300 measures 3.25” x 5.5”. These tags are available in six colors.

LTS 500 Series Tags are heavy duty, rigid 20 MIL vinyl hanging tags with self-laminating clear polyester covers and round corners. The 3-1/2“ x 6” tag comes standardly with four 0.25” diameter mounting holes. It is available in sold colors and a striped pattern.

Secure these tags using nylon ties (sold separately).

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For quick, on the spot notations, blank self-laminating tags offer an easy method for tagging a hand written notation during equipment or facility inspections. The tag surface accepts ball-point pen, pencil and permanent marker. Simply write your notation, seal the cover and attached with a nylon tie and your message is safe, vandal-proof, moisture resistant and secure. You can also affix blank self-laminating tags directly to clean dry surfaces when using the LTA adhesive backed versions which are available in series 100, 200 and 300 only.

Standard Metal Eyelet (LTS) – LTS Tags are rigid 0.010” plastic hanging tags with self-laminating clear polyester covers. The tag comes standardly with a 0.25” metal eyelet.

Adhesive Backed Tags (LTA) – LTA Tags are made of 4 mil pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl with a self-laminating clear polyester cover. Tags have rounded corners. The service temperature range is from -50 F to 175 F. These tags are moisture resistant and have excellent adhesion when applied to clean dry surfaces.

Use blank tags as bundling tags for inventory control

Blank, self-laminating tags are an excellent option to use as bundling tags to identify and track product inventory in outdoor stockyards or indoor warehouse facilities. Bundling tags can be used in their basic solid colors or striped patterns or with barcodes and written information, sealed with weather resistant covers for durability.

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