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Warning Labels

Are your workplace environments properly marked with safety signs and labels? Are you meeting all the necessary regulatory standards for hazard communication? At LEM Products, we recognize that safety in the industrial and commercial sectors is a necessity, and we strive to provide as many organizations with proper warning labels that ensure safety and caution where needed.

Our extensive range of warning labels and safety and caution stickers are designed to keep your employees, visitors, and facilities safe. Engineered with high-quality materials for durability and visibility, our products serve as vital tools for hazard identification and accident prevention. They act as silent, round-the-clock sentinels, communicating critical safety information when and where it’s most needed. With pressure-sensitive options and compliance with OSHA and ANSI, LEM Products helps you put your foot forward and create a safer work environment for all.


Warning Labels for Every Application

OSHA & ANSI Compliant Labels

Weather Resistant Labels

Product Safety Labels

PCB Markers

Quality control labels

Pressure sensitive electrical transformer labels

All weather mylar individual numbers and letters

Why is a warning label important?

A warning label is attached to an item or its instruction manual. The purpose of a warning label is to make the user aware of the risks associated with using a particular item. Warning labels may also inform users about any restrictions on using the item. There are four basic messages that should be communicated on a warning label:

  • The nature of the hazard
  • The degree of the hazard
  • The consequence of the hazard
  • How to avoid the hazard.

Warning Labels for Every Application

  • OSHA & ANSI Compliant Labels
  • Weather Resistant Labels
  • Product Safety Labels
  • PCB Markers
  • Quality control labels
  • Pressure-sensitive electrical transformer labels
  • All weather mylar individual numbers and letters

Can My Industry Benefit From Warning Labels?

LEM Products can attest to the many advantages of warning and safety labels. The benefits of these labels are felt across a wide array of sectors, including:

  • Manufacturing: In a setting where heavy machinery and hazardous materials are commonplace, warning labels can alert workers to potential dangers, helping to reduce accidents and injuries.
  • Construction: On construction sites, safety labels can be used to indicate potential fall hazards, signal the presence of heavy equipment, and more.
  • Chemical Industry: In industries dealing with hazardous substances, labels can provide critical information about chemical handling and storage, exposure risks, and emergency procedures.
  • Healthcare: In hospitals and clinics, warning labels can help to manage biohazard waste, communicate radiation risks, and ensure the correct usage of medical equipment.
  • Food and Beverage: In this industry, labels can be used to highlight hygiene standards, indicate potential allergens, and provide safety instructions for equipment use.
  • Electrical Supply: For businesses dealing with electrical installations and supplies, these labels can warn against high voltage areas and signal grounding requirements and provide safety directives.
  • Transportation: Warning labels are crucial in the transportation sector, where they can signal moving parts, indicate hazardous cargo, and more.

Why Is a Warning Label Important?

Warning labels are important not only for the essential safety aspect but also to protect manufacturers and other responsible parties from potential liability issues. Warning labels are required by OSHA and ANSI standards for many different industries.

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What Standards Must My Label Meet? Will My Label Be Compliant?

The standards that your label must meet depend on your industry and where the label will be located. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) governs most workplaces, ensuring safety for employees. These standards do not apply to street and railway signs, nor do they apply to plant bulletin boards and safety posters.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) provides a more comprehensive list of documents based on both national and international standards. Many of these best practices have also been adopted by OSHA.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) has codes that specifically relate to fire safety. These codes apply not only to facilities working with flammable gases and other materials but also to any building in relation to its electrical systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and more.

We can create labels that meet your industry-specific regulations.

Weather Resistant Labels

LEM Safety Labels and Stickers are available in various formats to help make you ANSI compliant per Standard Z535.4, requiring an original equipment manufacturer to mark industrial equipment in compliance using Machine Warning safety labels. LEM safety labels and stickers are available in a variety of materials, are resistant to extreme weather conditions, and can be customized to your specifications. Lexan labels and decals are scratch-resistant labels with a durable adhesive.

Why Electrical Transformers Need Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Pressure-sensitive warning labels are a critical tool in the realm of workplace safety. These self-adhesive labels adhere to surfaces when pressure is applied, making them easy to install on various types of equipment and infrastructure. This also creates a very safe environment, reducing the likelihood of electrical incidents when applying these products. 

Electrical transformers, by their nature, present several potential hazards, including high voltage, electromagnetic fields, and thermal risks. These hazards can result in serious injuries or fatalities if not properly managed. Therefore, clearly communicating these risks to workers and visitors is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment.

This is where pressure-sensitive warning labels come into play. They can be used to alert people of the presence of high voltage, instruct them to maintain a safe distance, or inform them about the necessary personal protective equipment. But pressure sensitive doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. These labels can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures, delivering a safety message that remains clear and visible over time.

By using pressure-sensitive warning labels, businesses can effectively manage electrical hazards, protect their employees, and maintain a strong safety culture. Get yours from LEM products today.

Trust LEM Products for Your Safety and Caution Labels

Looking for safety and caution labels? Make LEM Products your go-to organization for quality safety and protection against the hazards of your workplace. Explore our labels below and get the ones that best benefit your industry: