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Quality Control Labels

Quality Control Labels are made for recording critical information and measurements regarding calibration, maintenance, inventory and quality control as well as denoting operating and inspection status of industrial equipment, devices, parts and products. These pre-printed labels have a variety of legends including ACCEPTED, CALIBRATION, TESTED, INSPECTED, SHELF LIFE, REJECTED, REWORK, SERVICED and many more. There are also spaces for handwritten information such as CHECKED BY, DATE, DUE, REASON, INITIALS and more. Quality Control labels are available in different sizes, shapes and options. These labels are for indoor use only.

Three styles of rectangular quality control labels: vinyl write-on style, self-laminating style and debossible aluminum style.

Rectangular Write-on Quality Control Labels - LW Style

The rectangular, “LW” style of Write-on Control Labels are available in several sizes and materials. They resist oil, grease and moisture after application to a clean, dry, smooth surface and accept pen, pencil, felt-tip, typewriter or rubber stamp. Sizes range from 1” x 0.5” with 20 markers per card to 1.5” x 0.625” with 14 markers per card to 2.25” x 1” with 9 markers per card. Available in packages of 25 cards.

  • Material options include:
    Style LW, imprintable matte permanent pressure sensitive vinyl.
  •  Style LTLW, imprintable matte permanent pressure sensitive vinyl with self-laminating cover.
  • Style LWA, soft aluminum foil.

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Write-on Removable Quality Control Labels - PPCR Style

Our PPCR style Write-On Control Labels are made of writeable vinyl material with a removable adhesive. These labels accept pen, pencil, felt-tip, typewriter and rubber stamps. Resists grease, oil, dirt and moisture. PPCR labels measure 0.5” x 2” with 16 markers per card. Available in packages of 10 cards.

An image of rectangular removable quality control labels showing a variety of legends and colors.
An image of several pages of quality control labels that have self-laminating tails.

Wrap-around Write-on Calibration Labels - PPCLGR Style

LEM’s PPCLGR style Write-On Control Labels are also made of the same writeable vinyl material. The write-on area is white with green text and a clear self-laminating tail. Wrap the label around tubes or handles and back over the printed area to secure the label and protect the information. Labels vary in size from 1″ x 3″, 1″ x 6″, 1.25″ x 12″ and 0.25″ x 6″. Available in packages of 10 cards.

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Circular Write-on Vinyl Control Labels

The PPSC style are circular Write-on Vinyl Control Labels with permanent adhesive. These round calibration labels accept pen or pencil. Most labels have a self-laminating clear polyester cover so that written information can be sealed and protected from grease, oil, dirt, and moisture. Labels measure 0.5″ and 0.75″ in diameter. Supplied 25 labels per card. Sold in packages of 7 cards.

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A strip of circular quality control labels with space for hand written information.
A strip of vinyl tamper-proof circular security seals.

Round Tamper-proof Security Seals- LSS Style

The LSS style Security Seals are made from tamper-proof frangible vinyl, made to tear upon any attempt at removal. The are available in two sizes: 0.75” diameter and 2” x 0.5”. Supplied 20 labels per card. Sold in packages of 10 cards. 200 labels / package.

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