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Utility Marking Products

LEM Products, Inc. is a leading provider of utility signage, voltage markers, utility pole markers, transformer labels, phase tags and more for the utility industry. Marking utility lines and power sources with Warning Stakes and Marking Whiskers for buried lines or Do Not Climb signs on overhead transmission towers to No Trespassing Substation Signs are vital in providing information for the protection of all persons working in or around any high voltage energy source or industrial area. LEM safety labels, tags and signs are available in English or bilingual (English/Spanish as well as other required languages.)

Our Utility Marking Products

Transformer Labels

High Voltage Warning Labels

Danger High Voltage Labels

Why are utility markers valuable?

More than 50% of all utility service interruptions are the result of accidental damage by builders, homeowners, or construction crews. Use durable utility markers made by LEM Products, Inc. to clearly mark for safety and identification. All of our utility markers are available custom-made with your unique message and company logo.

Transformer Labels

LEM transformer product safety labels and safety labels meet the NEMA standards. The NEMA standard requires that two transformer safety labels be placed on each transformer, a WARNING label on the outside of the transformer and a DANGER label on the inside door to provide a secondary line of defense. The permanent pressure sensitive adhesive on LEM transformer markers provides a strong bond to steel and other clean, dry surfaces. Transformer labels are made of tamper resistant film with permanent adhesive that will adhere the safety labels to the transformer and prevent any attempt of removal, keeping the warning of the danger of high voltage permanently in place.

NESC & ANSI Rules:

Section 110A.1 for substations: “A safety sign shall be displayed at entrances…”Sections 381 for pad-mounts: “A prominent and appropriate safety sign should be displayed with the first door…” Section 411D on work rules and signs: “Permanent warning signs shall be displayed in conspicuous places…”LEM Products Inc provides all of the marking required to comply, in both stock and custom formats.

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High Voltage Warning Signs

LEM Substation Signs display the warning to stay away from the high voltage danger areas in and around substations. LEM signs can be used on fences, poles, pylons and anywhere there is a threat of danger. Our substation identification products are mad to meet the NESC code which is standard in most states, has been adopted by the US Army Corp of Engineers, the US Department of Agriculture, the American Public Power Association and other similar groups.

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Pole Marking Systems

LEM’s complete line of pole marking systems provides the information necessary to locate and identify the utility pole in field conditions. LEM’s pole marking numbers and letters are available in embossed aluminum, reflective aluminum, sequentially engraved polyethylene and other non-corrosive materials to meet your unique application requirements.

Denote utility pole conditions with our defective pole tags made from UV resistant polyethylene making the tags highly visible and durable. Prevent unwanted damage and accidents with visibility strips in white, yellow and orange engineer grade reflective vinyl.

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Marking Stakes and Flags

Identify high voltage underground utility lines with LEM’s utility marking flags made of durable PVC material. Available in 7 blank colors and 10 pre-printed legends.
Utility Marking Stakes are another method of identifying buried utility lines. Warning stakes from LEM are available in two styles of construction to accommodate different applications.
The High Performance Marker with the symmetrical three rib design is ideal for roadside delineation applications. It offers the best choice for overall visibility and flexibility. The design combines the strength and characteristics of flat markers with the low bending radius curved type markers.
The Economical Marker is designed for applications where less flexibility and a lower profile is preferred. The dual rib design increases stiffness and improves installation. Stakes are a good choice for survey and boundary identification where increased flexibility is not a concern. The design provides for easy center drilling and attachment of optical signs and hardware. Made of glass reinforced polyester composite, our markers are available in standard lengths from 62 to 90 inches and in a range of colors including White, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and Brown.