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Custom Tags, Labels and Signs

Customized safety identification labels, tags and signs is a continual need for our clients whether they be OEM’s, industrial fabricators or for construction sites. The specifics of industrial manufacturing processes and the hazards of job sites and work environments are such that stock products do not always convey the critical information that needs to be tailored to site-specific situations.
The list of manufacturing methods in use at LEM Products is long and varied. Our in-house capabilities include state-of-the-art printing, bindery, and inventory management processes. LEM’s vast selection of equipment and material expertise enables us to satisfy large or small orders, and our dedicated manufacturing staff aims for perfection. Press speeds, ink density, registration, and tooling are just a few of the variables that must be properly controlled and maintained. Binding, finishing and packaging operations collate, package, and label your printed materials. Your electrical, industrial, and safety identification products will leave our building in total compliance with your order

Custom Features Offered Include:

Special Color Match


Sequential numbering

Dry Erase Areas

Two sided Printing


Custom Sizes

UV Resistance

Multi-color Combinations

Number and Size of Eyelets/Grommets

Materials to Suite the Application Environment

Custom Reflective Signs

Reflective signs and other markers feature optical lens elements enclosed within a see-through resin that has a smooth outer-surface. When viewed in the daylight or by retro-reflected light during nighttime, the sheetings have a similar appearance. LEM reflective markers can be used on safety or warning devices, in hazardous or emergency areas, on outdoor advertising signs and emblems, electrical-generating equipment, or any other area where high visibility is required. The reflective markers are essential in assisting fire, rescue and emergency personnel in identifying emergency locations in nighttime situations or in low visibility areas. LEM KVA labels can help identify the KVA rating of a transformer or piece of electrical equipment. LEM offers KVA labels available in engineer grade reflective material. All standard two and three-digit legends include yellow characters on a black background. All LEM markers are durable in any outdoor weather condition and feature a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The adhesive conforms to such adhesive requirements of LS 300C (Class 1) and FP-79 (Class 1). Applications are required to be made at temperatures above 40°F. Customers can find LEM reflective markers in two materials including High Intensity (HVLR Series) or Engineer Grade (LR Series). Standard legends are A through Z for letters and 0 through 9 for numbers. LEM reflective numbers and letters offer clarity and high visibility, ensuring safe and identifiable living and working environments.

Custom Printed Safety Labels

LEM understands that every tag and label is different, and our engineering expertise makes it possible to deliver quality, accurate products, typically within 10 days of art approval. Signs, labels and tags can be customized to include all of the information you require, utilizing a wide range of materials that will withstand the defined environment such as reflective substrates for nighttime visibility of signs, over-laminates for moisture resistance for printed safety labels, custom cable markers and custom lockout tags, rigid plastics for impact resistance of signs and more.

LEM maintains a wide array of available die sizes and configurations to enable cost effective production of quantity runs of labels and tags.