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Fleet Decals & Identification Numbers  

Promoting and maintaining brand identity along with DOT rule compliance are two of the main reasons for the use of fleet decals by American transportation companies. DOT rules dictate that a vehicle fleet numbering system must display required information on corporate fleet trucks. Some of this required information includes the US DOT vehicle numbers, in a two inch character height, for each truck as well as the company name and any additional required safety markings. Other features like weather and fade resistant graphics can help companies meet both customer expectations and regulated standards.

Reflective Fleet Vehicle Stickers and Fleet Numbers

Fleet graphics and vehicle number stickers can be printed on reflective material for high visibility in low light and nighttime situations. We use Engineer Grade and High-Intensity Prismatic Grade reflective films. This enables high visibility to other drivers. The reflective fleet graphics also highlight your corporate identity and branding in daytime and nighttime. Reflective materials are available in white or a limited selection of colors. This allows your graphics to be printed on a color to match your vehicle or enhance you logo and still have reflectivity. The printed portion of your graphic can be done with translucent inks to allow the light to reflect through the color for full illumination of the reflective material and the printed graphics.

Fleet Graphics and Fleet Number Decals can be Sized to Your Specific Vehicle Contours

Corporate and municipal logos and branding can be in the form of spot graphics where the decals are one piece and can be printed in solid colors or gradations to match your company’s graphic specifications. Larger formats can be tiled to accommodate the full desired size. Texts can be reverse cut and applied to be readable in a driver’s rearview mirror as is typical for emergency vehicles such as ambulances. We will work with you to size your fleet vehicle stickers to accommodate the space and contours of your vehicles for optimal visual presence.


Commercial Vehicles

Law Enforcement


School Buses




Fire Engines

Utility Company Service Trucks

Farm Equipment and slow-moving vehicles

Reflective Material Options for Nighttime Visibility

U.S. D.O.T. Identification

The US Department of Transportation has numerous rules for commercial trucks to follow, some of which pertain to vehicle identification. Properly displayed fleet number identification decals regularly help transportation companies avoid fines and penalties by staying in compliance with these rules. Commercial interstate carriers in the US must display their unique DOT identification number, as well as the trade name of their motor carrier. The characters on these US DOT decals must contrast with the color of the vehicle and be legible during daylight from a distance of 50 feet. High-quality identification number decals are a simple way to identify vehicles in a fleet.

Decals for Corporate Brand Identity

In addition to easy fleet identification and DOT rule adherence, fleet and vehicle number identification decals are also excellent branding and marketing tools. Commercial logos for branding and identity can be printed on vinyl, engineer grade reflective vinyl or prismatic grade reflective vinyl, all with UV inhibiting over-laminates for durability, moisture and fade resistance. Trucks can act as rolling billboards for transportation companies, and a clearly displayed logo on a decal can provide advertising and brand recognition that is essentially free. LEM’s fade resistant decals can keep your logo visible and looking clean through years of harsh and unpredictable weather. 

Reflective Fleet Vehicle Stickers for Nighttime Visibility

Police, fire department and emergency vehicle decals can be printed on reflective films for high visibility in nighttime situations. Municipal emblems and vehicle number decals, along with reflective striping can be made on engineer grade and high-intensity prismatic grade reflective films. These reflective fleet decals are moisture ad UV resistant as well as tamper-proof.

Operational Labels

Vehicle fleet identification number decals are used by a wide range of industries and sometimes, very specialized decals are needed. You can customize OSHA and ANSI compliant machine warning labels which specify operational instructions and necessary safety procedures for vehicles which have moving parts and controls, including sanitation trucks, bucket trucks, and cranes. Made with pressure sensitive vinyl which has a UV-inhibiting clear over-laminate, these decals can withstand extreme temperatures and are moisture resistant to hold up to power-washing.

Driver Alert Labels & Conspicuity Tape

At LEM Products, Inc., we manufacture labels and decals that are specifically designed for the unique needs of transportation companies. OSHA format Wide Turn labels alert drivers to allow extra space for tractor trailers and oversized vehicles that require a larger berth to turn corners. These labels can be sized and cut to conform to the vehicle shapes for optimal positioning and visibility. 

LEM also makes various safety equipment that can reduce accident risk and keep things running smoothly. Conspicuity tapes will provide added visibility for safety. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation Part 393 Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation, § 393.11: Lamps and reflective devices, requires retroreflective sheeting on commercial trailers of certain sizes and weights. The retroreflective material gives high visibility, day and night.