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Environmental Health & Safety / Facility & Site Safety

Part of maintaining an efficient and compliant Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) program involves the assessment of risks and identification of potentially hazardous situations, processes and materials in the workplace to avoid accidents and injuries. It also involves maintaining compliance with government regulations for safety to individuals, departmental procedures as well as environmental impact.

EHS compliant programs must also adhere to strict government regulations for individual safety and environmental impact. Failure to follow these rules can result in penalties and fines as well as a more dangerous work zone. Having clear and well-displayed site safety signage is necessary for adherence to EHS regulations and keeping accident risk low.

Safety Hazards

Ergonomic Hazards

Environmental Hazards

Chemical Hazards

Biological Hazards

Work Organization Hazards

Harsh Environment warning

Environmental Health and Safety/Facility & Site Safety

At LEM Products, Inc., our products are made to comply with the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) rules for work safety signs. LEM makes work zone safety signs with headers that identify workplace hazards as Notice, Caution, Warning, or Danger based on ANSI rules and regulations. Our work safety and environmental hazard signs are made from durable outdoor materials that are made to withstand harsh industrial environments, corrosion, moisture, and UV rays. Wear and tear is inevitable in most work zones, but our work zone safety signs are designed to keep important information clearly displayed no matter what severe conditions they have to face.


Industrial machinery and equipment require general maintenance and repairs. The safe process for these activities requires a lockout of power and operation by means of a lockout tagout system. A lockout tagout procedure is a safeguard to maintenance personnel by preventing sudden re-energizing of the machinery and dangerous releases of power.

Lockout Station

EHS Compliance Checklist

Having the right EHS and OSHA-compliant signage on display is only part of what it takes to make a work zone safe; an organization must also show that they are taking the right steps. Businesses in every sector are subject to specific operational and regulatory risks. Being able to properly assess these risks and their allows your work zone to maintain EHS compliance and avoid accidents.

EHS Compliance for Different Industries

Closely following the EHS compliance checklist is a straightforward way to make sure your work zone is safe, but different industries have different things to consider to ensure that their work zones are EHS compliant. Original Equipment Manufacturers often need customized legends and sizes to accurately convey safety and instructional information. Construction sites require signage to warn of hazardous conditions and dangerous areas such as hard hat areas and the use of proper Personal Protective Equipment or PPI.

Safety Identification
Floor Markers

The Importance of Safety Signs in the Workplace

An integral part of routine operation and maintenance is the use of safety identification to warn and instruct of proper procedures and potential hazards. It must also comply with local and federal safety standards. LEM Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of EHS compliant work zone safety signs, environmental hazard signs, industrial safety labels, and more.

Walk on floor signs or markers, striped aisle marking tape, arrow markers, wet floor signs, yellow caution tapes and barricade tapes are among the Facility and Site Safety products that LEM Products, Inc. manufactures to help our clients clearly identify workplace safety procedures and prevent accidents.