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Electric Utilities

Much like the generation of electrical power, the distribution of that power entails a very specific set of signage requirements in order to properly mitigate hazards, avoid injuries, and alleviate liabilities for utility companies. LEM’s standards awareness, product durability, materials expertise, adhesive knowledge, and overall manufacturing flexibility combine to enable us to meet the needs of even the largest utilities, from PG&E, Dominion Power, and Exelon Corporation to PECO Energy, UGI Utilities, Entergy, and more.

Product Types:

Nail-on pole markers, pole tags, and other marking systems

Voltage markers/high voltage signs

KVA/equipment markers

Transmission plates and numbering systems

Aerial observation tags

Phase markers

Underground safety products


Cable fiber optic markers

Numbers and letters

Special symbols

Write-on cable tags

Danger labels

PCB markers

Power Generation

Power generation facilities are vast complexes of buildings, machinery, equipment and infrastructure requiring a huge amount of safety and warning identifications such as high voltage labels, tags and signs. To safeguard the public and employees, critical warnings from safety warning signs along perimeter fencing to custom lockout tags on turbines and other machinery requiring continual maintenance and therefore, lock out tag out safety. Hold Tags and Safety Tags are effective tools to display procedural information and control activities involving machinery and processes. All of these markers are utilized every day for proper procedures and compliance.

Utility Power Generation

Aerial Transmission

Electrical power transmission occurs between the power stations and the electrical substations through overhead and underground cables. The interconnection of transmission lines creates networks which, in turn, create the power grids.
Overhead transmission structures vary in design depending on the type of line being supported. They range from simple wood poles to steel towers. These towers require aerial identification markers to denote the location and ownership of the tower. Additional signage is necessary to warn unauthorized people of the dangers of climbing the towers and the high voltage carried by the wires.

Aerial Transmission

Substation Safety Products

Electrical substations transform the transmitted power from high to low voltage. Substations contain a variety of equipment including switch gear, circuit breakers, transformers, protective equipment such as lightning arresters, capacitors and voltage regulators. All of this equipment is either contained within a fenced area or in an enclosed building. These facilities and the equipment contained within are required to be marked for safety. A multitude of different substation signs and lockout and danger tags, among others, are utilized to maintain a safe environment for work crews and the public.

Substation Safety

Underground Transmission

The vast underground system of utility lines, telecommunication lines and pipelines is a complex network requiring a wide range of safety and identification markers that are used both above and below ground. These include stakes, flags and whiskers used above to identify buried utilities. Confined space and entry signs warn of the dangers and regulations of entering underground cable vaults and raceways. A range of weather and moisture resistant tags, labels and signs are utilized in these underground networks including URD tags, Buried Line Tapes, Reflective Numbers and Letters and Fiber Optic Cable Tags along with Arc Flash and Transformer Labels where underground power cables connect for above ground distribution.

Underground Transmission

Overhead Distribution

The overhead distribution of electrical power occurs through wires carried by utility poles and towers. The poles vary in structure from simple wooden poles to metal lattice towers, all requiring regular inspections and maintenance. A multitude of outdoor durable safety and identification tags and signs are mounted to utility poles to warn and inform service crews of structural conditions, voltages, circuit identification, pole identification and geographic location, previous inspection and service dates and warnings to unauthorized persons about dangers of high voltage and restricted access.

A utility pole diagram

Electrical Distribution

Electrical distribution transports electricity from the transmission system to homes, businesses and the consumers. Electrical substations connect to the transmission system and lower the voltage to appropriate usage levels for the end users.

Weather-proof harsh environment reflective numbers and letters to display KVA voltage ratings, PCB labels to alert of the presence of polychlorinated biphenyl chemicals, transformer and arc flash labels to alert of dangerous high voltage are a few of the markings on electrical transformers.

Phase tags denote the electrical phases of the cables. Custom lockout tags identify that equipment has been de-energized for repairs or maintenance. 811 labels or Call Before you Dig labels alert the public and work crews to notify local utilities which can identify the underground locations of electrical and telecommunication cables before excavations or digging to avoid potentially hitting and/or severing a power cable.

Electrical Distribution