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Reflective Numbers & Letters for Cold Weather Applications

Adhesive-backed retroreflective numbers and letters provide immediacy of application in the field for utility pole marking, light poles and electrical transformers. Cold weather climates and low temperatures can affect the bonding performance of typical pressure-sensitive adhesives thus weakening the permanence of the application. Cold temperature causes the adhesive to lose its resilience making it rigid and not pliable.

Our low temperature application retroreflective numbers and letters utilize a special cold temperature adhesive backing that is manufactured to withstand cold conditions for a minimum application temperature of 10°F (-12.5°C). This special pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to Engineer Grade reflective film for high nighttime visibility.

Features and Compliance

Key Features:

  • Pressure sensitive permanent adhesive.
  • The material is vandal-resistant and shreds when tampered with.
  • All markers have optical lens elements enclosed with a transparent resin that has a smooth outer surface.
  • The sheetings are intended to have a similar appearance when viewed in the daylight or by retroreflective light at night.

Applicable Codes:

  • Meets ASTM D4956 Type 1, Class 4.
    Meets Coefficient of Retroreflection and Appearance after accelerated outdoor weathering requirements per ASTM D4956 S3 testing method.
  • Product is colorfast per the Daytime Color & Luminescence requirements after 1000 hours of artificial accelerated weathering per ASTM D4956 S3 Method 1 and ASTM E1164.

What is the lowest temperature engineer grade reflective numbers and letters can be applied?


This product is made specifically for low temperature applications. Labels can be applied at 10°F (-12.2°C) as opposed to standard reflective materials that have a 65°F (18.3°C) application requirement.
Service temperature range is -40°F – 176°F (-40°C – 80°C).


Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting on White Polyethylene Coated Paper Stay-Flat Liner.


  • Minimum outdoor lifespan of 7 years.