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Custom Warning & Safety Labels

Workplace safety is paramount when it comes to creating a productive and secure work environment. LEM Products, Inc. is a premier provider of customer warning and safety labels to help your business build and maintain a comprehensive safety program to protect your employees.

Custom warning and safety labels are an integral part of creating a culture of safety in your business. LEM Products, Inc. offers a variety of custom warning and safety labels to meet your company’s needs. All of our custom warning and safety labels meet OSHA and ANSI safety requirements. They can be ordered in a wide range of configurations to suit any of your intended applications. With explicit visual depictions of safety precautions, your employees will be able to take the appropriate preventative measures to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

Durable and Compliant Custom Safety Labels

LEM Products Inc.’s custom warning and safety labels are durable and suitable for any work environment. Labels are coated with high-quality laminates, ensuring long-term viability even in the harshest work environments.

With our custom design process, your business will be able to request specific dimensions, colors, and warning symbols that are compliant with all OSHA and ANSI protocols. Custom warning and safety labels supplied by LEM Products, Inc. are a cost-effective and quality solution to meet your business’s safety requirements.

Adhesive Label Construction

-Weatherable Polyester
-UV inhibitors for excellent fade resistance
-Excellent clarity

-Spot Color
-4 Color Process

Base Stock:


-90 lb lay-flat
-Scored for easy removal
-Extended liner for easy removal

Download the Adhesive Label Construction Spec Sheet

LEM Products, Inc. is a leading supplier of custom warning and safety labels. We also manufacture custom tags and custom reflective signs that can be used for different types of work environments and equipment requirements. All of our products are made in-house at our facility in Montgomeryville, PA. This allows your business to receive our safety labels shortly after the ordering process. For more information about LEM’s custom warning and safety labels or any of our other safety products, contact us today.