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What are Switchgear Tags?

OSHA compliant switchgear tags, made by LEM Products Inc. in the USA, are used to identify hazardous conditions, keep people safe and protect equipment used in the transmission of electricity.

Switch Tags, like Lockout Tagout Tags are a critical warning device to alert employees about machinery that is “locked out” of operation for repair or maintenance. Switchgear Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) tags allow maintenance technicians to render control devices found on potentially dangerous equipment inoperable prior to work being performed using OSHA compliant weatherproof safety tags and durable tearproof vinyl tags made by LEM Products Inc., made in the USA.

Switch tags are a form of lockout tags but are designed for applications where field conditions are continuously changing such as the electrical utility Transmission and Distribution (T&D) industry. Switch Tags are designed to address the multiple and ever-changing requirements of Switching and Tagging as it is commonly known.

Features of Switchgear Tags

The legends and spaces for hand-written information on Switching Tags is designed to address and accommodate the clearances, supervisory requirements and authorizations from operators and supervisors. The clearances are a critical safety check before any switching procedures are performed by field technicians since some switches cannot be locked. This is an NESC requirement so that supervisors and operators create and maintain a record of operating changes and that field personnel can similarly verify and record changes and conditions from the field.

LEM Products, Inc.’s Switch Tags are made from 20 mil PVC with clear, self-laminating covers that protect hand-written information from moisture and are UV resistant to fading. Switching Tags are printed on two sides and can be customized with your company’s name, logo and distinct safety and regulatory information. Switch Tags are also available with non-conductive, plastic grommets for superior strength and safety.