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Transformer Warning & Safety Labels

Both in industrial settings and out on the field, electrical hazards are everywhere. Electricity is useful for so many applications, but it also poses a significant risk of injury or even death for anyone working near live cables and transformers. That is why transformer warning labels are critical to ensure that those who are near transformers and other electrical hazards are properly notified of the danger and are informed of how to avoid it.

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Specifications for Transformer Warning and Safety Labels

Our Transformer labels are made of 2 MIL Cast destructible vinyl with UV overlaminate and permanent adhesive that will adhere the safety labels to the transformer and prevent any attempt of removal, keeping the warning of the danger of high voltage permanently in place.  Transformer labels are also available in engineer grade reflective material with a UV overlaminate for nighttime visibility.  Both constructions are weather-proof and fade-resistant.  There are options for both English and bilingual with Spanish available.

All transformer warning labels from LEM Products, Inc. are compliant with:

  • NEMA standards
  • Underwriters Laboratory performance standard number 969.
  • ANSI Z535 compliant design standard.
  • NESC Section 110A.1 for substations: “A safety sign shall be displayed at entrances…”Sections 381 for pad-mounts: “A prominent and appropriate safety sign should be displayed with the first door…” Section 411D on work rules and signs: “Permanent warning signs shall be displayed in conspicuous places…”

In addition to our stock options, we also offer options to customize your warning labels, such as including your company’s branding on the label.

What Information Do Transformer Warning Labels Need to Include?

Like other safety signs and labels, transformer warning signs need to include the following information:

  • Signal Word – In the instance of electrical hazards, the word is typically “Warning” or “Danger,” depending on how immediate the danger is. Warning signs use an orange color, which indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, can result in injury. Danger signs use red to show that there is an immediate hazard with a high probability of injury. The NEMA standard requires that two transformer safety labels be placed on each transformer, a WARNING label on the outside of the transformer and a DANGER label on the inside of the door to provide a secondary line of defense.
  • Legend – The legend describes the nature of the hazard and how to avoid injury, such as by wearing proper PPE.
  • Image – Some transformer labels have an image, such as “Mr. Ouch” or another visual indicator of the hazard.

Find Transformer Safety Labels, Decals, and More at LEM

In addition to transformer warning labels, LEM offers a number of other electrical safety labels to ensure the safety of both workers and anyone else who comes into contact with transformers. For more information about stock and custom utility markers, contact us today.