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Telecom Labels, Tags, and Signs

Telecommunications , or telecom, is a constantly developing system for the transmission of the internet, voice, data, words, video, and more through an infrastructure of wireless transmitters, cell towers, repeater towers, telephone wires, fiber-optic cables, submarine cables, satellites, microwave transmission, and more. All of this infrastructure requires safety identification to provide clear safety warnings, identify ownership, and more. Telecom labels, along with tags and signs, provide this critical information.

Telecom services and wireless communications are dependent upon the telecom equipment for transmission. This infrastructure of telecom equipment must be managed, monitored, serviced, maintained, and secured by telecom technicians in service centers and the field.

Like the distribution of power through utility lines, telecommunication transmission systems require identification. Telecom equipment is an asset belonging to a telecommunications company. Asset tags and bar-coded labels identify ownership and provide a means to track location and maintenance status.

Self-laminating plastic fiber optic cable tags and cable ID tags provide a weather-resistant, durable means of identifying cables for above and below ground applications. Fiber optic cable tags and cable ID tags are either pre-printed or blank with space for written field notations and a self-sealing clear protective cover layer. Buried cables can be located and safeguarded by detectable buried line tapes as well as electronically detectable tracer wire. Additional identifying signs for buried cables include 811 Do Not Dig signs and buried fiber optic cable stakes.

Self-laminating wire and cable makers can identify cables and wires for telecom rooms, patch panels, and more. The clear laminating layer seals and protects written information.

Utility poles carrying aerial telecommunication wires can be marked with metal or plastic pole tags in holders. Plastic engraved utility pole tags can be sequentially numbered and contain barcodes or QR codes. Low-temperature application engineer-grade reflective numbers and letters offer another option for pole marking. Metal asset markers identify ownership of the pole by the telecom provider.

Reflective numbers and letters are ideal for identification usage in nighttime applications. They are available in both engineer-grade and high-intensity prismatic grade reflective material.

Fiber Optic Cable Tags

URD Tags

Utility Pole Tags & Holders

Tracer Wire

Buried Line Tape

Sequentially Engrave Pole Markers

Warning Stakes

Bar-coded Asset Markers

811 Call Before You Dig Signs

Reflective Numbers & Letters

Wire & Cable Markers

Reel Tags

Fiber Optic Cable and Wire Identification Tags

Fiber optic cable tags and blank self-laminating tags provide printed and blank formats for wire and cable identification. All have clear-self laminating covers to protect your written information from moisture and tampering. All are made from 10 mil PVC and are moisture and UV-resistant.

Blank URD Tags for Underground Utility Use

We offer underground residential transmission (URD) tags that are tamper-resistant and non-corrosive. Made with PVC, these tags can withstand both freezing and sweltering weather conditions. Easily write down crucial information using a pen or pencil. You can choose to purchase URD tags with or without self-laminating covers.

Sequentially Engraved and Standard Engraved Pole Tags

Sequentially engraved pole markers are convenient because they are one piece with no holder required. Engraved utility pole tags can also be assembled from individual tags and mounted in aluminum holders. Both versions can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The engraved polyethylene material withstands harsh environments and temperatures and is non-corrosive.

Buried Utility Line Warning Stakes, 811 Signs, and Buried Utility Line Tape

Warning stakes indicate the location of buried utility lines and fiber-optic cables. The polyester composite stakes come in several utility-related colors. Matching adhesive labels indicate the type of buried utility and reference the 811 number for Call Before You Dig.

811 Call Before You Dig signs are printed on a variety of substrates, reinforcing the dangers associated with digging and excavating without the identification of buried utility lines.

Detectable buried utility line tapes are manufactured on an aluminum core for easy location by metal detectors. Avoid the cost of exploratory excavations to locate underground utility lines and telecom cables by installing detectable warning tape. The bright permanent tape colors clearly mark the utility line or pipeline location after digging has begun.

Tracer Wire

Tracer wire is used to conductively locate buried utility lines for the gas, water, sewer, telecommunication, and electrical markets. Tracer wire comes in a variety of sizes and variations, from 6 AWG to 18 AWG. Within each utility or construction industry, whether gas, sewer, water, or direct burial, there are predetermined specifications that guide professionals on the proper tracer wire type, color, gauge, and use case.

APWA Color Coding for Tracer Wire

A commonly followed color guide found within the utility industry (also referred to as APWA Uniform Color Code) to correctly identify underground tracer wire lines is as follows:

  • Yellow Jacket- Natural Gas Lines
  • Green Jacket- Sewer Lines
  • Blue Jacket- Potable Water
  • Purple Jacket- Reclaimed water and/or irrigation
  • Orange Jacket- Fiber Optic or telecommunications
  • Red Jacket – Electrical  & Power

Tracer wire has a variety of advantages and uses for long-term applications. Throughout the world, tracer wire is being utilized to decrease excavation mishaps and underground threats.

Reel Tags and Labels

Identify and manage inventory of telecommunications wire and cable with reel tags and labels. Reel tags can be printed on vinyl with a self-laminating clear cover to protect information. Adhesive-backed reel labels are printed on dead soft aluminum, which accepts ball-point pen and pencil. Your notations will be permanently debossed into the aluminum.

Asset Markers with Bar Codes

Use asset labels to identify ownership of telecom equipment. Asset markers and labels show company names and logos, serial numbers, and barcodes or QR codes. Bar-coded asset markers convey tracking information, maintenance, inventory, theft prevention, and more.

Material options include polycarbonate, anodized aluminum, foil, and polyester. Telecom asset markers are weather and UV-resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Numbers & Letters

Use adhesive-backed numbers and letters for telecom pole identification, transformers, telecom utility vehicle identification, and more. These markers are available in engineer-grade and high-intensity prismatic grade reflective material for nighttime visibility. Non-reflective numbers on vinyl are also available in alpha-numeric combination kits.

Telecom Pole Tags and Holders

Identify telecom utility poles with aluminum and engraved plastic pole tags and holders. Aluminum tags can be either embossed or flat-printed reflective aluminum. Legends are black on yellow.

Engraved polyethylene pole tags are also black on a yellow background.

Both styles offer 1”, 2”, 3”, and 6” character heights and are corrosion, UV, and moisture-resistant.

Aluminum holders are available for both styles. Plastic holders are also available for engraved plastic tags.

Wire and Cable Markers

Industrial wire marker books are manufactured with high-quality vinyl impregnated cloth and finished with an economical flat stitch for users who do not require removable pages. A strong adhesive and a flexible material assure a long-lasting wrap on a wire. Easy-to-read black legends are printed on a white background.

Self-laminating wire and cable write-on markers have a bright white portion (tab) of the marker that accepts a permanent marker, pen, pencil, or rubber stamp. The remaining portion of the marker is transparent vinyl, which overlaps and protects the marked area when wrapped around the wire. With these high-quality wire and cable markers, you can trust your telecom room and patch panels will remain organized.

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