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There’s an incredible amount of equipment involved in telecommunications, and each piece needs its own asset or pole identification. Otherwise, vital safety warnings, ownership identification, location tracking, and service maintenance information could be missing. Telecom labels and tags will provide this valuable information and ensure telecom technicians perform their duties well.

The Importance of Telecom Tags and Labels for Asset Tracking and Inspections

With a wide variety of equipment, cables, utility poles, and tools floating around, it’s quite a challenge for a telecom company to track all its assets. Fortunately, the company can rely on asset tracking tags to manage and monitor its equipment. These metal tags feature a barcode that can be scanned by a handheld device. The technician will then be able to view pertinent information such as the location of the equipment or pole and its operational status. They can also update the information on the spot.

In addition to tracking assets, telecom experts use tags and labels to manage asset inspections. Telecommunications equipment is often exposed to severe weather and outdoor conditions and years of wear and tear. For this reason, they need to be inspected regularly to stay ahead of breakdowns and safety issues. Once a piece of equipment is inspected, the technician can apply a tag with the date of the last inspection, or they can use a barcode label to include more information, such as the pole’s condition, the servicing number, and the company contact details.

Types of Telecom Tags

The specific tag or label a technician utilizes will depend on the type of telecommunications asset being tracked and the purpose for tagging that item. Telecom tags range from wire and cable identification tags to warning labels.

Wire and Cable Identification

Keeping telecom wires and fiber optic cables organized is vital to efficient operations. Technicians can easily identify wires and cables with moisture- and UV-resistant tags. It’s imperative to choose tags with self-laminating covers so that the hand-written information will be protected.

For telecom wires and cables still in inventory, you can use reel tags and labels. Vinyl tags with self-laminating covers and adhesive-backed aluminum labels can both work well in these situations.

Utility Pole Tags

If you need to mark utility poles, you will want to use extremely durable labels, such as engraved pole tags mounted in aluminum holders. Polyethylene tags are especially good at withstanding harsh temperatures and weather conditions. Both types of utility pole tags are resistant to corrosion and can hold up well for years.

Buried Line Warning Stakes

Hitting buried utility lines during construction can be a serious safety hazard. You can protect your technicians and the workers from other companies with utility stakes marking the location of buried lines and fiber-optic cables. The stakes come in the proper utility color and with adhesive labels reminding individuals to dial 811 for Call Before You Dig.

Asset Markers

Show ownership of a piece of equipment with an asset marker. These labels often feature the company name, a serial number, and a barcode or QR code. These features allow technicians to manage inventory and maintenance while also preventing theft. For asset markers, it’s important to choose labels that are corrosion, UV, and temperature-resistant.

Warning Labels

Finally, you need to consider the types of safety tags that will be crucial for your telecom work sites. The right labeling system can mean a world of difference in keeping workers safe.

Tips for Choosing Equipment Tags for the Telecommunications Industry

When selecting tags and labels for telecom equipment and tools, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose markers designed to withstand continual exposure to changing weather conditions and UV rays for utility poles. Metal embossed tags work well for telephone and other utility poles for this reason.
  2. When you need to attach vital information to a piece of equipment, select identification products, such as barcode tags, made with photo anodization. Anodized tags can withstand the toughest conditions and will not allow the printed information to rub off.
  3. Consider the type of material for the tag that would be best suited for your application. If you’re labeling a utility pole or piece of outdoor equipment, labels made of aluminum or stainless steel will work well. However, plastic tags will be sufficient if you’re marking wires indoors.

Maintain Your Telecom Equipment With Quality Tags and Labels

Our society relies more and more on highly functioning telecommunications networks. The whole system could fall apart if the equipment fails. Therefore, servicing and managing these critical assets is vital for telecom technicians. To make their jobs easier and ensure the smooth operation of telecom networks, these professionals use identification and safety tags and labels.

If you need telecom tags, labels, or signs, turn to LEM Products Inc. Please reach out to us today for more information.