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Since 1994, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has been celebrated with AmeriCorps as a national day of service. Every year on the third Monday in January, the federal government celebrates the holiday by halting postal service, trash collection, and various other government happenings. Some companies, businesses, and organizations follow suit with incentive programs to help their employees get involved in the efforts. This year, LEM Products, Inc. participated by making our contribution to Global Citizen 365’s free COVID-19 testing site at Girard College. 

About MLK Day of Service

Americorps has proudly dubbed MLK Day “a day on, not a day off” in an effort to increase participation in the national day of service. The expressed goal of the initiative is to strengthen and facilitate community building and improvement efforts. 

Though MLK Day National Day of Service is a federal holiday, The Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service is among the largest service projects in the nation. Partnered with Global Citizen 365, The Greater Philadelphia MLK Day project spurs initiatives in the Philadelphia area year-round. 

This year, the pandemic brings a unique opportunity to service our community. As Philadelphia deals with the long term consequences of global pandemic, varying states of lockdown, and the urgency to provide relief, Global Citizen 365 has seen it imperative to provide free testing to Philadelphians at Girard College. 

How LEM Products, Inc. Is Taking Part

Our contribution to this effort is freely supplying stickers and decals to the event. Working directly with the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, Global Citizen 365’s signature event is a massive leap forward toward the accessibility of COVID-19 testing in Philadelphia. 

Our labels are a direct nod to the Black doctors that make Philadelphia great, the devastating effect of Covid-19’s legacy, and the importance of moving forward with hope in mind. Global Citizen 365 provided us with images of Black doctors that have made history, as well as some of the organizations involved with this event. 

The decals featured the Black doctors and Black Americans who have contributed to medical advancements worldwide. To name a few of the notable individuals featured on labels, Dr. Ala Stanford is the founder of the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, and she was recently awarded the Harris Wofford Citizenship work for her ongoing contributions to Philadelphia’s struggle with the pandemic. 

Other individuals featured on the decals will include: 

  • Henrietta Lacks, the Black woman whose cells were taken without her permission and immortalized through their contribution to cancer research, the polio vaccine, and countless other advancements. 
  • Kizzmekia Corbett, a Black viral immunologist leading the charge in the creation of an accessible COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Marilyn Hughes Gaston, the first Black woman to direct the Bureau of Primary Healthcare and pioneer of Philadelphia Sickle Cell Anemia research.
  • James McCune Smith, the first Black pharmacist in the nation and passionate abolitionist, physician, and author. 

Let’s Work Together

LEM Products, Inc. hopes to continue to raise the industry standard of what it means to be a part of our community and continually ask ourselves, what can we do to contribute? For years now, we have made it our mission to explore the way we do business, including but not limited to our recent partnership with Tons of Turkeys and our ongoing commitment to sustainability

If you, your business, or your initiative is in need of high-quality, durable safety labels, decals, and more, contact us today so we can learn more about how we can help your business.