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For regulatory compliance and American Made Labels, you need an industrial label convertor you can count on. LEM products Inc. is a proven partner with over 50 years of printing, imaging, and converting experience. We provide American Made Labels for UL and other regulatory labels that comply with warning label standards.

  • LEM Products, Inc. is an Authorized Label Supplier – 100% Made in America
  • Regulatory Labels & Your Product Labeling Requirements
  • CE Labels, CSA Labels, ANSI Labels, CARB Labels, Prop 65 Labels & UL Labeling

Customers have turned to LEM Products Inc. to manufacture the custom labels they require for power tools, electronics, outdoor power equipment, recreational boats, electric transformer boxes, wind turbine components, train chassis, wire and cable and more.

In addition to delivering regulatory labels with crucial hazard information, industrial labels made by LEM products Inc. are demonstrated to adhere securely and remain readable in the toughest of environments.

Transformer Labels

Regulatory Labels Must Meet Product Labeling Requirements & Label Regulations

The UL label is the most widely recognized of the product warning labels, but there are a number of other regulated labels as well. Others include Proposition 65, CE, CSA, ANSI, and CARB emissions labels, just to name a few. Each warning label is designed to communicate regulatory compliance with a specific set of label regulations and standards. By necessity, strict design parameters are associated with design, dimensions, and colors of these labels to establish its legitimacy.

LEM Products Inc. is AN Authorized Label Supplier.

If you are seeking an Authorized UL label convertor to manufacture your industrial labels you need to ask for their UL documentation.  This is a very high area of counterfeit activity and you need to protect yourself by asking the right questions.  Do not take a chance, give us a call and we will provide the products and services you require.