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In the public works sector, ensure your facility and any machinery you have remain in the best condition possible. If an issue makes a particular item non-compliant, you need to have a clear way of ensuring that everyone is aware and properly documented. While your employees may know not to use a specific piece of equipment, without the proper labeling and documentation, you are not in compliance with OSHA standards. Many organizations can become OSHA compliant with quality control labels from LEM products, and here are some of the ways we can help. 

Designate Machinery That Has Been Properly Tested

Whether it’s a new technology that has only recently arrived at your facility or it’s a piece of equipment your team uses every single day, you want to take the time to test its overall performance regularly. If you have found that a specific piece of machinery has broken down or it’s functioning as well as it once did, having the appropriate labels and documentation can help ensure that your working environment is as safe and OSHA-compliant as possible. 

Identify Tools That Have Been Recently Serviced

One of the most important things that come with keeping your facility OSHA-compliant remains to ensure your equipment has been properly serviced. While you may have a set system in place to run through your maintenance checklist, proper labeling will help ensure your inspection team doesn’t do double the work. LEM Products offers a selection of quality control labels that help you identify machinery that has been appropriately tested, serviced, and certified before it can go back into the field. 

Document Equipment in Your Facility That Isn’t Safe

No matter how careful you and your team are, sometimes accidents happen in the workspace. While these incidents can happen under the strictest safety regulations, there are steps you can take to ensure that unsafe machines, equipment, and areas are appropriately marked. Placing “do not use” labels, calibration labels, and more that can safely adhere and stick to these faulty pieces of equipment will help inform your team that certain elements should be avoided. 

Essential Features to Consider Before Choosing Quality Control Labels

No matter the industry, any given facility presents unique obstacles that make it important to have quality control labels that can handle these environments. Finding options that can withstand these situations and can help keep your facility safer and compliant is essential. When it comes to your quality control labels, you want options that can stay in place for extended periods, are noticeable to your team, can withstand high temperatures and direct heat, and are tamper-proof. Additionally, labels that possess the following qualities prove essential to your quality control efforts:

  • Resistant to oil, grease and moisture
  • Clear self-laminating covers to protect critical information
  • Aluminum foil labels that withstand high heat

Get Your Quality Control Labels From LEM Products Today!

Keeping your team members safe requires frequently testing your equipment and machinery while ensuring your workplace stays OSHA-compliant. LEM Products offers our customers an assortment of quality control labels in various sizes and styles that are designed to withstand the rigors of your team’s daily routine. We offer the highest quality products designed to help you properly document any time a piece of equipment has been serviced and, in the event of a malfunction, designate it as such. 

LEM Products is ready to fill your next order when you need to upgrade your quality control labels. Please browse our inventory and place your next order today.